Having fun despite great chance of failure - Being an entrepreneur is a wild ride

The entrepreneurship for creative people is in fact still booming. There are bigger investments, more startups, more innovatory ideas and more gallant entrepreneurs.


It is an provocative time to be an entrepreneur in these times. Especially as a no body like me, yet still something drives me to go on through what is essentially a meaningless battle that is rigged against you. However, while entrepreneurs in various fields speak of difficulties and obstacles the essential of it is most are still holding the fair back from reaching its powerful potential.

Lack of stock, Despite the notorious growth in investments, funds clothe in startups are still small.

Talented entrepreneurs still struggle with raising stock and funds and assembling interest in their ideas, prototypes or business models.

Most have even bigger problems with raising product funds after starting, something due to maintenance costs which restricts their capacities even further.

2. Lack of a robust ecosystem The ecosystem for entrepreneurship in general is pretty elitist to strive in.

Businesses and entrepreneurs are drunk with mundane, unforeseeable obstacles because they don’t have an fully-province ecosystem that they could count on for support of the intellectual power needed.

Always the same repetition, there’s a link, or more, missing from the chain.

3. Scale of markets

Startups in the region exercise in relatively short-scale bazaar. Companies that are looking to monetize on ads, are drunk with how contracted the ad business is.

Competition among the startups themselves makes everything even worse, thwarts them from expanding to newer markets in the sphere.

4. Lack of cooperation

Cooperation among startups and SME’s could afford grounds for overcoming many obstacles.

It could help with supplies problems, provide larger fair, span hiatus in the ecosystem, and, more importantly, safe a much better access to complaint, which would be a immense erect ardent for entrepreneurship in the province.

5. Regulatory systems and sustainable business models

Entrepreneurs make another large mistake; they raise funds for what they have now when they should intensify funds for where they want their startup to be in a year or two.

Having these hardships and obstacles, among others, does not denote me there is no fear.

Come at me panelists, angel investors, private investors. Come tell me that I will fail, I will only become more irrational and continue doing what I think is cool.


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